Daja Wells

daja wells-cropped I was born on May 9th, which makes me 16 years of age. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. I am a junior attending Clyde C. Miller Career Academy. As a high school student I chose to become a professional chef. I love to cook all types of food. This year I will be entering the culinary arts program, I hope it will be fun.

Last Year I really didn’t know how to speak in front of lots of people, but as I joined the sweet potato program I learned how to do that. The Sweet Potato Project is a good program. It teaches us the positive way to help our community and our youth. The program teaches us about business and entrepreneurial skills. As we got farther in the program I learned that it wasn’t so bad. At first I thought all we were doing was growing potatoes, but that was not the case. Mr. Brown has created a program that not only benefits our communities, but us as well.

My friend told me about this program. At first I wasn’t into it, but as I thought about it, I wanted to join. I wasn’t going to be doing anything this summer so it was a good way to learn and get money at the same time.