Keon Williams

Untitled-2I am 17 yrs young. I was born in North St. Louis but was raised in West St. Louis.

I am a junior at (CCC) Construction Career Center.

My birthday is June 17th.

I’m not the biggest or strongest of people and I have asthma since I was born but I love sports. My mom thought sports would help me grow out of my asthma, so I started football. After the first couple of games I was doing great but, after a long practice I couldn’t breathe and had to go to the hospital. The doctor said I had to quit sports. I was really mad and didn’t want to quit.

Over a long period of time though, I learned to control my asthma and started playing again. Now I play basketball for my school.

I have been with the sweet potato program for three years. I have gotten speech and agriculture skills out of this program. It gives me a sign that my community still cares and makes me happy to make a change.