Briana Taylor

Birthday: November 9
Hobbies: Shopping, Hanging with friends, partying, and MOST IMPORTANT planning for my future
Favorite Color: Green and purple
Favorite Movie: Homeless to Harvard
Favorite Actor: Shay Mitchell
Favorite Artist: Rihanna
School: Lafayette High School
College: Florissant Valley Community College / Missouri Western State University
Favorite Book: Sharon Draper: A Hot Girl



Hood Walk #11

I think the hood walk was very interesting; it opened my eyes to things I have never really noticed. In the hood walk we walked north St. Louis, then walked the central west end. In the north St. Louis area I noticed more corner stores and gas stations more than anything. But in the Central West end I noticed more up to date things such as restaurants, banks, and clothing stores. This hood walk open my eyes to my neighborhood, it has let me know that we as youth need to take time out to build and open new things in our community. One thing that I did notice that the North side and the central west end had in conman was that they both had a library which is good because it shows the greatness of education i9n our community.

Kabir Muhammad/Speaker

Kabir MuhammadKabir Muhammad
I actually really liked the speaker Kabir Muhammad . I felt like he was real and spoke from real life experiences. He had me interested to hear more. He is really good at grabbing an audience’s attention and his stories where good at that to. As Mr. Muhammad and his friend talked it made me felt like I was in church, but it was ok. Beside the fact of a student being disrespectful his visit was all-and-all good.


By Briana Taylor

A cold dark world where no one lives
Alone all by yourself, what can I do to help
No father, this girl is alone
No job its a struggle, she needs help
College life is coming, fast approaching
It’s a long journey to get where she needs to go
Should she stay are should she go, whats the best choice
No one really understands the true meaning of herself
Can someone please provide some HELP!
Money is an issue but not her main focus
Stop all the violence because true words are unspoken
Its a trail that must be broken
Take a chance, stop the violence it’s just a shame