Charles Hill

My name is “Smooth Charles Hill”. I am 16 years old I attend Sumner High school. I play football, and basketball. I joined the Sweet Potato Project last year. At first I was like “I’m in it for the money”. But then I realize the meaning of the program was us helping the community. We’re helping youth do something positive and most of all WE are helping ME! I have built a second family here. I can go to any one of my team mates and talk to them about anything.
Thanks Mr. Brown for everything.

Visit to Chronicle Coffee:On June10,2013 we went down to one of the coffee shops. It was cool. I had fun and the coffee was great. What i liked most about the trip was when we got there they had someone running the shop and the guy talked to us. I would really like to see if we would be able to sell the sweet potato cookies that we made to help out our program raise money. So I would like to talk to the owner about that to see if that’s okay. I would really like that and it would really make me proud of myself if I could have something I made being sold to other people and so they can try our product to help and support us.