Charles Hill

Administrator’s notes:

Charles, 15, one of my first recruits, is a mischievous ‘lil dude with a lot of potential.  This kid, who admitted he’s addicted to “partying”, was bold enough to tell the group, despite their chuckles, that he faithfully watches Sponge Bob Square Pants on Sunday mornings.

On occasion, I’ve had to check Charles for giggling or talking during presentations.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Brown, for being disruptive in class,” he courteously said one day but he did it again the next. Although he says he wants to be a mechanic, I imagine Charles, my young schmoozer, as a future politician.

Charles also demonstrates bouts of maturity that betray his age and size. Recently, I overheard him chastising an older, taller, male classmate who had called one the girls a derogatory name during one of their breaks outside the library.

“Man, that ain’t right. You need to man-up and apologize,” Charles said.