Dashia Martin


Hi my name is Dashia Martin, I’m 16 years old. My birthday June 2, 1996. I go to Hazelwood East High, I’m a junior. I make A’s and B’s. I like to dance, read and joke around. This program is teaching me entrepreneurial skills and social skills and leadership skills.

What I’d like to gain out of this program is to start my own business and become successful. My favorite movies are Fridays, 60 seconds and Nemo. My favorite sports are basketball, football and volleyball. My favorite artists are Boosie, Webbie, Lil’ Wayne and Drake. My favorite subjects are math and science. My hobbies are making shirts and going to school.

Administrator’s note:

Dashia not only has a dazzling smile, she has the noticeable ability to lead. She was personally recommended for our program after the renowned Chef Jeff Henderson met her during his visit at the St. Louis Juvenile Center. During the summer phase of our program, she played the roles of mediator, motivator and, at times, class agitator. She has big dreams of becoming a defense lawyer and operating her own soul food restaurant. With a lot of attention and “tough love,” I have no doubt that Dashia could be a leader, an entrepreneur and a trial lawyer with purpose. – S. Brown