Elesha Harris


My name is Elesha Harris I am 17 years old I attend Jennings Sr. High. I like to dance, joke around, shop, and play around with my little brother. I also like to sow I absolute love fashion I love to sew I love my family so much they’re a huge DEAL in my life. They show me love that I could not get from anybody or (any boy). I like kids and plan on being a predication. This program was useful because it help my speaking because I am shy person and I hate speaking.

The Sweet Potato Project taught me how to speak and how to be an entrepreneur. My favorite part was of the working with everybody. My group came up with a sweet potato sauce. Please buy our sweet potato cookies because we worked hard to make them and they are delicious.

My favorite hobbies include shopping , watching movies and hanging with my friends.

Administrative note:

“Life is short, Elesha, 17, told the group, one day during class. That’s why she doesn’t take anything “too seriously.” She sees herself as a mother “with five kids” who makes “a lot of money” as the owner of her own beauty supply business. There are no black-owned beauty supply shops in her neighborhood, she told us. Elesha plans to change that. She believes a beauty supply company that makes black people feel more comfortable, at home and welcomed will be a big success. Turns out Elesha was the first student to sell at least 20 bags of cookies the day after they went on sale. — S. Brown/Administrator