Elesha Harris


My name is Elesha Harris I am 18 years old , i am currently a college student at Missouri Western State University I’m studying to be a pediatrician that’s something I’m very passionate about. I have one brother who’s a bundle of joy and a sophisticated, strong sister. My Mother and Uncle are my inspiration to become who I am. My Uncle especially, because he works in the field I plan to pursue. He’s a hard-working man. I saw him go through the good and the bad. For him to be doing excellent in his career, to overcome his struggles and not worry about nothing is amazing. His story is one of a kind and I look up to him. He’s my hero.

I have participated in the The Sweet Potato Program for two years now. The program is a learning EXPERIENCE and I say that because everyday regardless of having a speaker or not I learned from my peers or Mr.Brown. My peers are very unique-each and every one of them. Some are comedians, singers, song writers-the list continues. They’re just an AMAZING team to be around.

Reflections:I think without the sweet potato program I would have not  overcome my discomfort zone. I would not be who I am today, I am a very shy person and Mr.Brown put me in countless situations to get me out of my comfort zone. Now I can go up to STRANGERS and talk to them and sell them our products. I can be a leader. I can voice my opinion and I can do a numerous of things thanks to Mr. Brown. If It wasn’t for him I honestly do not know if I would be the person I am today. Thanks Mr. Sylvester Brown.

Love , Elesha Harris

My favorite hobbies include shopping , watching movies and hanging with my friends.

Administrative note:

“Life is short, Elesha told the group one day during class last summer. That’s why she doesn’t take anything “too seriously.” She sees herself as a mother “with five kids” who makes “a lot of money” as the owner of her own beauty supply business. There are no black-owned beauty supply shops in her neighborhood, she told us. Elesha plans to change that. She believes a beauty supply company that makes black people feel more comfortable, at home and welcomed will be a big success. Turns out Elesha was the first student to sell at least 20 bags of cookies the day after they went on sale last year. — S. Brown/Administrator

MLK Lot #4
When we went to plant sweet potatoes, it was hard work and took dedication to get the bins filed and the sweet potatoes planted. It was a fun day and i enjoyed it a lot…but it was very hot.