Jason Fitzpatrick

Jason, 19, got introduced to the Sweet Potato Project through his wealthy step dad (Leroy Carter) who works for the City of Saint Louis. Jason is a graduate of Gateway High School. While there, he majored in business which turned out to be a very good asset of which he used for the program; it gave him the utmost advantage because the program was put forth to show teens that there are many alternatives to their lives rather than hanging around the streets with negativity. By learning entrepreneurial skills youth can put their minds to work in a variety of ways.


“The class is bright and full of insight Learning Entrepreneurial skills is a great way to give youth of all ages a way into a better life rather than turning to violence of many sorts.”

“My peers of the program were bright outgoing and fun to be with. Alhough sometimes we did not have the best of moments. And even with the death of a peer’s brother, we still managed to overcome the odds and come together and make each other feel comfortable and realize that none of us are any different than the other. The program gave me skills in which I can take with me to another level, such as learning to grow my own food, cooking and learning to understand the world a lot more. After the program I plan to continue to aid the sweet potato beds in which we planted to keep them in shape for the next young youth leaders to come.”