Jenea Wallace

Hello my name is Jenea Wallace I am 19 years old and I attend Florissant Valley Community College. This is my second year in college and I can honestly say I’m proud of myself. I’m slowly reaching my goal to become a nurse. Last year my friend Elesha told me about the program. She joined I was supposed to be there with her but I gave up the opportunity to do something positive thinking “this program isn’t going to be fun.” “How is this going to help to me in the future? What would I take from this program?” It was a lot of questions running through my head. I talked to Elesha everyday she was in the program and she loved it. She made me feel down and disappointed that I didn’t joined. But I get a phone call and its Elesha and she said Mr.Brown was recruiting people to be in the 2013 Sweet Potato Project. OMG I got so excited I actually got another chance to be apart of something positive I wanted to thank Elesha and Mr.Brown for giving me another chance.