JoNetta Muldrew

Hi, I’m JoNetta Muldrew, I’m 16 years old. I’m a junior and I attend Gateway STEM High School. I like to text, dance, step and cheer. I make A’s and B’s. I’m an Honor Roll student. I want to be a nurse or a school teacher. I pick the role of a nurse because I have a big passion for elderly and children. I took care of my Aunt from the time she moved with us until she passed away in 2009. I also take an interest in being a school teacher because the children need the extra boost to give them the encouragement to bring a better future. I just want to make the children feel loved and give them an education all in one.


Trayvon Martin Case
I’m very upset about this! The black on black crime, white on black, and police on black! It’s a disappointment on how many people are dying day to day all because of guns. I just wish this entire thing would END! Too many people are dying!

We had a guest speaker by the name of Mr. Kabir Muhammad and he was great. I loved his presentation, he stayed real and enthusiastic. His conversation kept me engaged. Not once did I get sidetracked. Everything he talked about was based on reality and made a lot of sense.


“I’m happy and grateful someone cares for us youth, keeping us off the streets giving us a better alternative to life. I’ve realized that I don’t have to steal or sell drugs to make my money. I can try planting different foods and selling that. Well before I heard of the Sweet Potato Project I was hanging out all night, sitting around adults, and engaged in a horrible life. When I joined I instantly felt welcomed and felt this would be a good start for me. This is one of the best programs I’ve been apart of! Thanks a lot.