Keith Young

Hello, my name is Keith Young. I am 19 years old, I plan on attending Florissant Park to major in construction. I joined the sweet potato project last year and it was a learning experience. I learned how to work in groups; how to get along with others and my team came up with a sweet potato cabob last year.

I am from North St.Louis and for a program to come in my ‘hood to help the community was a huge deal to me. I’m not used to things like this. “Helping the community” wasn’t my style at first. If it wasn’t for my friend Brittany telling me about the program I would have never had any knowledge that it existed. I am thankful for joining the program. I love it. It helps me do something positive in my community.

Thanks Mr. Sylvester Brown for everything.

My favorite hobbies are dancing, going to the movies, drawing and spending time on Facebook.

My favorite Artist: Wiz Khalifa.

My favorite movie: “Ted.”

My favorite actor:  Chucky.

Administrator’s note:

Keith, according to Darryeon, has his own unique “swagger” and isn’t nearly as shy as he appears in class. Ouside of class, Keith, 19, is an alpha dog with the group but in class he’s quiet and sullen. With long dreads and a trim, athlete’s body, Keith is a dancer who plans to work in construction. It’s been a challenge, but he’s starting to exhibit signs that he has natural leadership abilities that can be used constructively with his classmates and in adult life. – S. Brown