Keon Williams

My name is Keon Williams I am 16 years old, I currently attended CCC High school. I play basketball, football, and soccer. I plan on graduating in two years and attending Ranken Tech to be a Electrician. I joined the sweet potato project two years ago and my first experience while joining was informational, boring and I didn’t like it but 3 weeks into the program I realized that this program will help in the future and will help me succeed in life.

Entering the program I was shy , nervous , anti-social, and distant. When I got to know my team last year I instantly gravitated towards them. I started engaging in conversations and becoming more of a family with them. I honestly can say I grew on them and began to not only become a team member but become a Family member; someone they can count on.

Thanks Mr. Brown for being there for me and giving me an opportunity to help my community. I really appreciate it, Man!

Program Director Reflections:

Keon, 15, is filled with antsy energy. During our summer program last year, I caught him walking around the library spinning a basketball on his finger when he was supposed to be working on a project. Keon carries himself with an air of assurance. He’s proven to be an expert interviewee and seems at ease in front of a news camera or an audience. Last year, when I asked why he wants to go into the construction industry, he matter-of-factly said he’s into it already, working weekends with an older relative. He says he’s good at it and that’s what he plans to do-end of story.-S. Brown