Nautica Jackson


From being accessible to idealistic, although I am Not Perfect, I am Nautica Jackson. Born On September 11, 1996, Which Makes 17 Years of Age and a Virgo.  I was Born In Miami, Florida and Raised In St. Louis, MO. I am Finally A Senior Who Attends Clyde C. Miller Career Academy. While Attending CA, I Chose To Take A CNA Class For Varies Of Reasons. Time Not Spent At School, Is Time Spent On Getting Money. In My Free Time I Love To Do Hair, Make Up, Nails, & Etc. I Even Plan On Attending Cosmetology School After I Graduate In 2015. I Believe That A Lady Their Self Should Always Present Their Self In That Manner; A Lady. I Honestly Think Highly Of Myself. Not Bragging Necessarily, But I’m Far From Having Low Self Esteem. I Have Never Been The Type To Surround Myself Around A Bunch Of People. I Rather Be to Myself Because It’s Just Easier. When I am Around People,

I Get Along With Just About Everyone. I’m Not the Judgmental Type and like People for Who They Are. I Speak My Mind But Yet I Know That There Is A Time To Say Things And There Is A Time Not To Say Things. That’s Just One Of Many Reasons Why I Joined The Sweet Potato Project Is To Be Able To Strengthen Others With My Character Traits And Likewise. Not Only Am I Willing To Teach but I’m also willing to Learn.

I Want to Be Able to Get with a Group of People and Feel comfortable with doing so. Becoming a cosmetologist is my dream and I know that it requires being around everyday people and I know The Sweet Potato Project will soon help me to become more direct.