Sherrion Roddie

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My Name Is Sherrion Roddie but you can call me “Sherry” for short.  When I grow up I want to be so many things but my main goal is being successful in life.  My favorite color is purple, Why? Because it stands for ROYAL. I love music and I’m an outgoing and very smart girl. I attended Sumner High School. I’m 17 Years Old and I’m a twin. My Birthday Is June 26th. My Zodiac Sign is Cancer and I enjoy reading books and buying clothes.


I was always a LOUD Kid; Always wanted to run the streets with friends; trying to get known! But all that stopped when I started seeing BODY’S DROP! All them bodies were my friends and one was my cousin. I lost all my friends last year (2013) and some this year (2014). They between the Ages of 14 to 17. Some died due to guns or car crashes which some had stolen. I lost seven friends all together and the other was my cousin. They died because they wanted to run the streets and “Get Known.” Look were that led them! That could have been me but it wasn’t. So I Knew I had to change my life-REAL QUICK!


I Joined the Sweet Potato Project because I wanted to change my community; make it a better place to live in. Also this project keeps me out of these streets, making me do something positive in my life. Not only am I learning from this project, we get to go to cool places, meet new people and learning HOW to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. This Project also puts a ‘lil money in your pocket. They teach us how to save money for things we REALLY need In Life. This project is very good for me. It’s keeping me out of trouble and helping me with my life.