SPP Photos 2012-2018

First Neighborhood Walk (2012)

Culinary classes at SLU’s Salus Center




Students visit Harvest Cafe’

Planting in O’Fallon park neighborhood

Turning produce into marketable products

Morning News Round-up

Students planting in North St. Louis

Planting at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Students visiting Red Guitar Pizza in the Chippewa Business District

Students visiting the Creative Exchange Laboratory (CEL) making clay models of a future SPP building

Students preparing fresh food recipes

Students visiting MoKaBe’s Coffeehouse in the Grand Business District

Students preparing to plant on a vacant lot in North St. Louis

Students have constructive conversations with local police officers. In order to revitalize disadvantaged neighborhoods, we believe healthy relationships with police and politicians are crucial.

SPP students are encouraged to speak before audiences and tell their personal stories