St. Louis University Gives Sweet Potato Project Media Upgrade

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ST. LOUIS-During the Fall of 2013, Saint Louis University’s Department of Communication’s Community Production Group (CPG) chose the Sweet Potato Project as a nonprofit in need of its creative services. Under the direction of Dr. Mary Gould’s undergraduate “Digital Storytelling” class the Sweet Potato Project’s website was given a complete makeover, with a new logo and a host of other user-friendly multimedia upgrades. The class also developed two videos (see links below) designed to better deliver the nonprofit’s mission and to recruit volunteers and donors.

The Community Production Group is an organization dedicated to advancing the work of local non-profit community organizations by providing support in producing multimedia material that supports the mission of the organization. “The idea for the Community Production Group (CPG),” said Gould, “was to design a practical way for student in my Digital Storytelling course to learn all the theoretical and practical skills of media production: writing a project proposal, field reporting, editing, project management, and non-fiction narrative writing, in a way that would put them in a position to learn about their community. The goal of the project is to get the students out of the classroom and into the community – to experience the mission of the university in their own neighborhood.”

“I am totally humbled by the passion and expertise Dr. Gould’s class brought to our project,” said Sylvester Brown, Jr., director of the Sweet Potato Project. “We would have had to spend thousands of dollars-which we don’t have-to gain these types of professional services. We are hugely indebted to Dr. Gould and St. Louis University.

The Sweet Potato Project is a program, operated by the North Area Community Development Corporation. The program teaches inner-city “at-risk” youth alternative and progressive ways to produce and distribute locally grown products as well as sustainable business and entrepreneurial skills that can change their lives and enhance their careers.


cpg-logoFor more information about the Sweet Potato Project or to view the new design created by St. Louis University’s Community Production Group visit: