Tahirah Quinn



My Name Is Tahirah but Most People Call Me Tabby. Who Knows Why? A Biracial American Just Like Any Other. Southwest Philadelphia Made Me But St. Louis Raised Me. On October, 9th I Was Blessed With Life. This Means I Am A LIBRA!

Currently I’m attending Hazelwood East High. Going Into My Junior Year. With Many Years Of Education It Came To Me That I WANT To Major In Cosmetology. I Love The Fact Of Beauty From Women-Hair, Nails, Makeup. I Believe A Woman Deserves Nothing But The Best Because They Are Looked on as Lowly By Others in Society.

A Little More About Me…I Have A Mother and A Father But I Don’t Have the Same Opportunity as Others. The Experience of Living with Both parents. Although there were hardships, I Overcame Them and I Know I’ll Be Somebody in Life. I Will Not Settle For Nothing but The Best. I Will Not Settle For Anything Less Than What I Deserve.

As I Learn to Succeed, I’ve had Help from the Sweet Potato Program. I was told By a Friend of a relative that I should join the Group. I Didn’t Know What It would be like but soon as I Started I enjoyed it every day. This program helps a lot. From Giving Me Knowledge About my City to Putting Money in My Pockets for my Hard work. And when my experience with this program is over not only will I remember the people. I will also remember what good I did for MY city. I am now be a part of something that every black or less fortunate person in St. Louis will have to experience for themselves.

I Am Tahirah. I Am A Future Cosmetologist. I WILL SUCCEED!