Travion Johnson

Travion IIHello my name is Travion, I’m 18 years of age and love to be recognized for my individuality and adjustability. I graduated from Northwest Academy of Law in 2014, have been accepted into Missouri State University-Springfield, and will be attending the College of Business major but will minor in engineering.

Up to this point, I plan to learn new business skills and grow by learning more about the history of business in my community from the Sweet Potato Program. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and have lived on the north side of the city my whole life.

My favorite color is red and I like to relax during my free time. I also like to be worry free and avoid all negative energy. I leave a favorable impression everywhere I go have no doubt and I can inspire instead of deferring dreams.

Every day I wake up I put my God first and give him all my faith, I rather be spiritually in touch with myself instead of materialistically in tune with the world.

The Sweet Potato program has really kicked open a door in my mind regarding business, culture, process, and bond. You can only limit your mind to what you want to know and I like to know truth. I like to compare my thoughts to ripped jeans; the rougher you are on them the more open it gets. Truth hurts and is sometimes hard to accept but all you need is understanding and the program is teaching me new ways to find understanding in the things and emotions I face everyday.