When We Listen: Recognizing the Potential of Urban Youth

“Working with young, black kids for the past seven years, has exposed me to the hard truths and long-lasting effects of generational poverty, hunger, homelessness, psychic trauma, low sense-of-self, lack of all-encompassing love and more.  This was the motivation for writing this book.” -Sylvester Brown, Jr., author of “When We Listen…”-2019

In his first book, Brown throws down the gauntlet for progressive, self-sustaining change based on the simple premise of listening and responding to what young people feel, say and do. The author outlines the toxic socio/economic factors such as poverty, homicides, psychic trauma, homelessness, school suspensions, mass incarceration and stereotyping that urban youth heroically navigate daily. Brown also presents alternative ideas designed to help disadvantaged children thrive in a world where their voices go mostly unnoticed and unheard.

Advance Praise for When We Listen

“Sylvester Brown is the real deal. He draws from real life experiences to help today’s youth forge a promising future. A must read and a must share with a young person you know.” Maxine Clark / Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop.

“Sylvester Brown sees the beauty, the brilliance, the curiosity, and the love of Black children.  Do your soul a favor and read this book.”Walter Johnson / Author of River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and Empire in the Mississippi Valley’s Cotton Kingdom

“As an educator, I know what happens when you unleash the potential of young people − they catch fire, they grow. Please read this book. Help change the lives of our youth. If you do, they will immediately change the world.”Brad Stock / Distinguished Professor / Dept. of Religion and Philosophy, Principia College

Sylvester Brown’s book, “When We Listen” encourages us to hear the messages of “Old”; do for self, do it for the children. Out of the mouths of children, a child shall lead.”Robert A. Powell / Founder and Executive Director Portfolio Gallery and Educational Center

“When We Listen,” is tailored for educators, politicians, religious leaders, parents or anyone receptive to the idea that our most disrespected, disregarded, dismissed and denied populace has the inherent potential to save us from ourselves.

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Recognizing the Potential of Urban Youth

By Sylvester Brown, Jr.

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